Our Team

Together we’re working towards a more diverse and equitable clean energy ecosystem.

Browning the Greenspace Board

Kerry Bowie

Board President

Managing Director & Founder, of Msaada Partners. 

Daniel Goldman

Board Vice President & Treasurer

Managing Director & Founder, Clean Energy Ventures.

Amanda Downey

Board Member

Director, Strategy & Compliance at National Grid

Jacquie Ashmore

Board Clerk

Executive Director, Institute for Sustainable Energy at Boston University

Abel Vargas

Abel Vargas

Board Member

Executive Director, MassHire

Committee Chairs


Create opportunities for underrepresented groups through enhancing clean energy networks and workforce development training.
Madeline Wang

Madeline Wang

Founder & CEO, 7cs

Maggie Teliska

Innovation Analyst, Enel Green Power


Help clean energy companies develop, implement, and track diversity initiatives to bring more underrepresented groups into the sector at all levels.
Jeremy McDiarmid

Jeremy McDiarmid

VP, Policy and Government Affairs, NECEC

JC Burton

JocCole "JC" Burton

Startup Leadership Program Fellow


Increase financial opportunities for underrepresented groups with more funded companies and more contracts for services.

Spencer Irvine

Spencer Irvine

Emerging Business Manager, Analog Garage

Bhargavi Cheeva

Bhargavi Chevva

Investor & Company Builder, Breakthrough Energy Ventures


Increase representation of underrepresented groups as contractors for energy efficiency and clean energy by facilitating access to capital, bonding, and insurance.
Nicole Obi

Nicole Obi

Director of Strategic Programs, Black Economic Council of MA

Daryl Wright

Daryl Wright

Chief Strategy Officer, Emerald Cities Collaborative


Enable greater deployment of clean energy solutions in lower income areas with diverse customers.
Isaac Baker

Isaac Baker

Co-CEO & Founder, Resonant Energy

Mary Wambui

Mary Wambui

Asset Manager, Planning Office for Urban Affairs

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Prior to the current dual crises of the day – a healthcare pandemic and a police brutality epidemic – climate change and the wealth gap were arguably the two biggest issues we faced as a nation here in the U.S. These two problems still loom and will unfortunately still be with us even after a vaccine for COVID-19 is created and policing reform has been enacted. The Browning the Green Space Initiative is working on addressing climate change while closing the wealth gap, and we hope that you will join us in this fight!